Garage Sale

Garage Sale Policy

Addison does not require a permit for garage sales and does not limit the number of sales residents can have in a year. However, we do strictly limit the placement of signs for garage sales.

The regulations for garage sale signs are as follows:

  • Single-family or duplex residential premises may display one detached, non illuminated sign which may advertise a garage sale on the premises or refer to the sale or lease of the premises. The sign shall not exceed three square feet. All detached special purpose signs must conform to all the restrictions set forth in this chapter. Except as provided in section 62-247, all political signs must comply with the provisions set forth in this chapter.
  • Residents are not allowed to place garage sale signs at the entrance to subdivisions, on light or power poles, or in any public rights-of-way. 

Addison Community Garage Sale

Residents can take advantage of this semi-annual event held the first Saturday in May and October from 8a-2p. For $20 per booth, Addison residents can vend their items under a large tent at the Sam’s Club parking lot in Addison. 

Please call 972-450-2884 for more information. Shopping at the Community Garage Sale is open to the public