Walking Tours & Art Tours


Time: 2-4 hours

  1. Blueprints at Addison Circle
  2. Beckert Park
  3. Bosque Park
  4. Conference Centre Sculpture Garden
  5. Addison Circle Park

#1 The Blueprints

Start your walk by gazing up at the Blueprints smack dab in the middle of Addison. The huge blueprints, rolled up and blooming over the traffic circle, contain collaged symbols of historical items the Town has built. One petal has gin saws from the original Noell Cotton Gin. Others have a plat for the first subdivision, a bench from Quorum Park, and a rail from the bridge behind Town Hall. Read about the giant sculpture and its symbols on panels on the southwest corner of Addison Circle Drive and Quorum Drive.


#2 Beckert Park

From the Blueprints, walk east on Addison Circle Drive. In the midst of high-rise buildings is Beckert Park, a favorite place for officer workers to relax during lunch, and for residents to meet in the evenings. During the summer, Beckert Park is a weekend hot-spot for picnic baskets, blankets and outdoor activities. Stop at one of the many sidewalk cafes and enjoy some refreshments before continuing your stroll. Be sure to peek into the courtyards of the highrises for hidden gardens and sculptures.


#3 Bosque Park

From Beckert, walk north on Spectrum Drive to Morris. Turn west and walk two blocks, crossing over Quorum Drive. Breathe deeply as you step through the entrance to Bosque Park. This dense strand of native Red Cedars has been here since Addison was a rural community and was part of the homestead of African-American farmer "Doc" Bryant. His hand dug well is preserved on the west end of the park. Wander through the trees, sit by the fountain, and enjoy the 10 degree cooler temperature in Addison's central forest.


#4 Conference Centre Sculpture Garden

Walk west on Morris past Artist Street and turn south into the Conference Centre parking lot. Enter the grounds to the Conference Centre from the west side. Enjoy the colorful flowers, trees, and "critter" sculptures made by artist Delbert Beckham from slavaged steel and other found items. Inside the Conference Centre, there is a rotating photography exhibit worthy of viewing. 



Before you leave the Conference and Theatre Centre grounds, notice the small stone cottage, an original house built in 1939 as part of the WPA program. Recently renovated, the Stone Cottage is available for small meetings and receptions.


#5 Addison Circle Park

Just south of the Conference Centre is Addison Circle Park. Founded by Addison Road, Addison Circle Drive, Quorum Drive, and Festival Way, this 10-acre open space serves as the special event site for Fork & Cork, Kaboom Town, Addison Oktoberfest, and many other special events sponsored by Addison.

Features of this park include fountains and water pools, open green spaces, a pergola, and a walking trail. Explore the grounds and find the stops of the old Cottonbelt Railroad in plaques on the ground.



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Time 2-4 hours

  1. Addison Finance Building and Grounds
  2. Winnwood Park
  3. White Rock Creek Trail
  4. Celestial Park



#1 Addison Finance Building and Grounds


Park at the Addison Finance Building, located at 5350 Belt Line Rd. Enjoy some time at the creek behind the building. To the west is Addison Town Hall and a picturesesque bridge over the creek. Walk to the front of the Finance Building grounds and turn east on Belt Line Road. Walk 1/4 mile to Winnwood Park at the corner of Belt Line Road and Winnwood Road.


#2 Winnwood Park

Take a cue from the wedding photographers - this park is beautiful! Because of its picturesque gazebo over the pond, bridge, floating fountain, deck overlooks, and park benches, this is Addison's most requested park setting for wedding photos.

All this lush landscaping also provides an inspiring backdrop for walkers and runners who use the jogging trail.




#3 White Rock Creek Trail

The entrance to White Rock Creek Trail is on the southeast corner of Belt Line Road and Winnwood Road. This beautiful 3/4-mile nature trail meanders alongside the west bank of White Rock Creek. There are numerous overlooks and views. Park benches provide perfect settings for relaxation and reflection. Stop at the giant old Burr Oak tree at the beginning of the trail. In 2004, the tree was designated as the Liberty Tree and dedicated to Korean War veterans. Then, find some steps that lead down to the waters edge. 




Continue down the trail, taking time to enjoy the overlooks and natural beauty. Cross a bridge to complete the trail at its southern end on Winnwood Road. Reverse your steps to return to your starting point or turn left and follow Winnwooad Road to Celestial Road. Turn right on Celestial Road and walk about 1/4 mile west to Celestial Park.

#4 Celestial Park

This quiet 4-acre neighborhood park provides many places to sit and reflect on the beautiful surroundings. A major attraction of Celestial Park is a set of steps featuring quotations and poetry. The steps lead up the hill to a human sundial.

Stand on the appropriate month-engraved stone in the middle of the sundial and your shadow will be cast onto the appropriate time-engraved stone (not allowing for daylight savings time). Follow the trail to the north side of the park to a rocky creek bed, dry except when it catches the run-off of heavy rains to prevent flooding and soil erosion. Retrace your steps through White Rock Creek Trail or walk back along Winnwood Road.

NOTE: If you are interested in only visiting Celestial Park, there is on-street parking on Celestial Road in front of the Addison Pump Station.

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