Outdoor Portrait Locations

Addison has numerous places that provide beautiful settings for outdoor portraits. Following are a few of our favorites.

Addison Park Blueprints and Fountains

Addison's signature sculpture and accompanying fountains make a dramatic backdrop for portraits.  In addition, there is a wooded area with quiet water and benches close by.

Addison Park Pergola

Right across the street from the Conference Centre, the Pergola makes a nice frame for a bride or small bridal party.

Bridge behind Town Hall

5300 Belt Line Rd.

Set in the woods, over a creek, the bridge offers a serene setting and multiple angles for a bridal portrait or a small group photo.

Quorum Park

16201 Quorum Dr.

A unique fountain with a curved bench-level wall is a perfect setting for a family portrait.

White Rock Creek Trail Seating Area

Follow the White Rock Creek Trail south from Belt Line Road and Winnwood Road and you'll come to a rustic seating area deep in the woods - a lovely, natural setting for portraits.

White Rock Creek Trail Bridge

At the southern end of the trail (south on Winnwood Road from Belt Line Road), a simple bridge invites you in to the woods.  Picture a lovely bride in this setting.

Winnwood Park

Belt Line Road and Winnwood Road

A bridge leading to a beautiful little gazebo is perfect for a bride or wedding party.