Water and Wastewater

Our mission is to provide a continuous delivery of potable and palatable water supply with adequate volume and pressure to all residential, commercial, industrial and public water consumers. We maintain the quality of wastewater for public health enjoyment, protecting wildlife, operating industries and for economic development.

How safe is my water?

Superior!  Delivered fresh to your tap daily, the water you consume in Addison has earned the State's highest water quality designation. We take pride in working to maintain our "superior" designation. Responsible for water distribution and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure within Addison, the Utility Division has set providing safe and reliable drinking water as its highest priority.



 24-hour emergency service

Daytime Phone Number: (972) 450-2871

After Hours Phone Number: 972.450.7156

  • To request emergency water turn-off or to report a water meter leak, water main break, fire hydrant leak or clogged or overflowing wastewater main, call the numbers above. An operator will be dispatched immediately. There is no charge for these services.
  • No one but an authorized agent may turn your water on or off at the water meter. This is to prevent any damage to the water meter and/or service line. Some houses have gate valves that can be accessed by the resident when necessary. If you are not sure if you have a gate valve, we will help you locate it.


Capital Improvements on Water System
  • 8-INCH WATER LINE REPLACEMENT: An existing 8" cast iron water line will be replaced with an 8" PVC line, dramatically decreasing the potential for a leak in this section of pipe, improving the overall performance of Addison's water distribution system.
  • 1.5 MILLION GALLON ELEVATED WATER STORAGE RESERVOIR: Identified in the Addison Water Distribution System Study (2006), this project includes the construction of a 1.5 million gallon Elevated Water Storage Reservoir to satisfy the remainder of Addison's elevated storage needs.