General Services

Higher SEER rated HVAC equipment, Low-E windows, compact florescent bulbs, T-8 and T-5 lighting, use low VOC & recyclable products

The use of Hybrid Electric Vehicles where applicable and utilizing coolant, freon & cleaning solvent recycling machines.

All preventative maintenance and repairs are done at the Service Center fleet shop by ASE Certified fleet technicians thru a shared services interlocal agreement with the City of Carrollton.

All filming questions about and requests for a Film Permit should be directed to the Director of General Services, Mark Acevedo at 972.450.2848. Please notify us of any film shoot taking place in Addison even if a permit is not required.

A permit to film is required for any commercial or student film, video or still photography, that:

  • Is on Town of Addison property including Town facilities, Addison Airport, parks and bridges.
  • Requires traffic control, crowd control or may impede the normal flow of foot traffic on a sidewalk or ingress and egress to a business.
  • Requires parking in restricted areas or involves vehicles that impede the normal flow of traffic.
  • Other unique circumstances may require a permit based on staff's evaluation of the project.

Currently there is not a fee to film on Addison, Texas property (Parks, Conference and Theatre Centre, municipal buildings, etc), but a valid permit is required. However, there may be some fees applied if police, fire or street closers are required. 

Off-duty Addison police officers and fire personnel will be required to be with you at the film location if the shoot requires traffic control, street closures, crowd control, stunts, pyrotechnics, weapons and if actors would be portraying uniformed personnel. There may be other situations where Addison police and fire would be required. Each shoot will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please allow 2-3 working days to process a permit depending on the complexity of the shoot.

You will need both a permit from the Town of Addison as well as a permit from the Addison Airport. Contact information for the Airport permit may be obtained through Mark Acevedo at

Yes, a student film shoot does require a permit. Student films must submit a letter on school letterhead signed by the instructor or other school representative. Student film shoots have the same insurance requirements.