Fire Prevention & Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for code enforcement, engineering review, fire cause determination and public education.

Code Enforcement

Addison has one of the most progressive fire sprinkler ordinances in the country. Since 1992, with few exceptions, all new or remodeled structures larger than 500 square feet have been fully equipped with fire sprinklers. The division assists architects, developers and business owners with reasonable interpretations of fire codes and ordinances that affect them.  Inspectors suvey each new business for code compliance prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. In addition, the division responds to any complaints of fire hazards in the community by the end of the business day on which they are received.

Engineering Review

As part of the code enforcement process, the review of building and fire protection plans is a key responsibility of the division. All sprinkler, fire alarm and other life safety system plans are examined for code compliance before construction begins. Once installed, the fire protection systems undergo a rigorous acceptance testing procedure designed to ensure they will operate properly and reliably in the event of an emergency. Building maintenance personnel are then instructed in the regular inspection of the systems to make certain the level of safety is maintained over time.

Fire Cause Determination 

Every member of the division is trained and certified to determine a fire's cause and point of origin. While the vast majority of fires are accidental, if it appears a fire was set deliberately, the division coordinates with the Addison Police who then pursue the criminal arson investigation.


Public Education

Activities include fire safety and fire extinguisher classes for employees of hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Addison; a children's station-tour program that includes proper fire safety behaviors; and emergency plans and training for individuals serving as "fire wardens" in high-rise office buildings.

Fire Department Phone Numbers

Fire Department Main: 972.450.7201

Non-Emergency Fire Station 1: 972.450.7201

Non-Emergency Fire Station 2: 972.450.7230