Fire Department

All our ambulances (also called Mobile Intensive Care Units, or MICUs) are staffed with two paramedics. However, many emergencies require more than two care providers to handle all the medical equipment it takes to provide the best care possible. A heart attack call is a typical example where several paramedics are necessary to evaluate, treat, lift and transport the patient as quickly and as safely as possible. Each of our engines are staffed with firefighters who are cross-trained as paramedics so it makes sense to send them along with the ambulance on certain types of medical emergencies.

Our ambulance billing is administered by a third party company called Emergicon. They can be reached at:

Phone: 972.602.2060

Toll free: 1.877.602.2060


P.O. Box 224225
Dallas, TX 75222-4225

We hire on an as needed basis. Please check the Human Resources page periodically for job postings.

Fire Department Phone Numbers

Fire Department Main: 972.450.7201

Non-Emergency Fire Station 1: 972.450.7201

Non-Emergency Fire Station 2: 972.450.7230