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Addison may provide incentives to corporate relocations and expansions to help make the community more competitive in North Texas.

Every project requesting incentives is evaluated on a case by case basis by the Economic Development and Tourism Department to determine potential eligibility. Potential incentives include:

  • Fast track permitting
  • Site selection assistance
  • Chapter 380 Agreements
  • Employment recruitment assistance

Addison Chapter 380 Grant Minimum Evaluation Criteria:

  • Minimum 20 new full-time jobs
  • Minimum 10,000 SF (Class A/B)
  • Minimum $1 million capital investment in Real or Business Personal Property
  • Average wage above average county wage
  • Healthy employee benefits program
  • Company within targeted industry
  • Company strength (years in business, growth sector, Fortune rankings)
  • Favorable preference for companies who utilize Addison Airport


Grant incentives may be available for new and expanding local companies. Incentives are based on job creation, average wages paid, capital investment, lease terms, and whether a company falls into one of the community’s targeted industries. Ultimately, projects are evaluated to determine whether incentives have an impact on a company choosing Addison versus a competing community for investment. All offers for incentives are contingent upon City Council approval, and must demonstrate that the project will generate a positive return on investment for the community.

Total incentive calculations are based on the following:

  • Relocation assistance: Provides support to help off-set the cost of moving
  • Job creation assistance: Rewards companies who create high-paying jobs (incentive for only FT jobs with higher wages than the county average)
  • Capital investment assistance: Incentive provides support for capital investment in the community


Hotel Support Program

For groups looking at hosting major events at our full-service hotels, Addison can provide support to defray expenses to make Addison competitive with other full service hotels in the region through our Hotel Support Program. The program is available through any of our full service hotels which includes the Intercontinental, Marriott, and Crowne Plaza Hotels.