Putting Our Community First

Dedicated to preserving Addison's peace of mind, the Police Department is committed to maintaining our community's standard of excellence and security.

Preserving order and protecting the lives and property of our citizens, the Addison Police Department adheres to the highest ethical standards in service to our community. As the city's peacekeeping partner, we enforce laws and ordinances, safeguard individual liberties and take measures to build public trust and security. Treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect, the department pledges to manage our organization with professionalism, leadership and integrity.

The community feel to Addison comes from building trust and relationships. The use of Federal Stimulus money reflects this philosophy as funds have been used to:

  • Assign a Community Liaison Officer to Addison Circle, a dense, multi-use area of residences and businesses. A visible presence and a valuable member of the community, the officer gets to know the people and the environment, and can respond quickly and effectively to any issue
  • Expand the Hotel/Business Retention Unit (HBRU). Addison's core businesses are hotels and restaurants. This team of officers teaches employees to identify and report any suspicious activity 24/7. Response is quick and thorough. The program has already reduced crime in the target hotels and restaurants and their adjacent areas.

Sworn Addison Police Officers


We are a Texas Police Chiefs Best Business Practice Recognized Agency


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