Creating a More Efficient Addison

Working behind the scenes to manage the city's facilities, vehicles and support operations, the General Services department ensures Addison's municipal buildings and equipment are in tip-top condition.

Mark 123 123 Acevedo 123

Director of General Services

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Mark 123 123 Acevedo 123

Director of General Services

Phone: 972.450.2848

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Rebecca Brack

General Services Administrative Assistant

Phone: 972.450.2800

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Carl Gibson

Facilities Assistant

Phone: 972.450.2892

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Will Gilleland

Facilities Specialist

Phone: 972.450.2843

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John Godley, Jr.

Facilities Services Supervisor

Phone: 972.450.2842

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Responsible for the efficiency of Addison’s internal infrastructure, General Services safeguards the integrity of city-operated buildings and vehicles by providing hands-on maintenance and oversight. On a mission to promote our city’s culture by creating an attractive, comfortable environment, our department delivers the support, supplies and transportation options Addison needs to serve its community of thriving businesses and professionals. In addition, the General Services team is your go-to resource for filming around town, and we’ll answer your questions and generate the permits you’ll need to capture Addison’s best side. 


Fee for filiming in Addison - that's right it's free!


Facilities maintained by General Services


Vehicles operating within our city's fleet

Addison is GREEN! In addition to our hybrid electrical vehicles, we are looking at numerous ways to reduce our ecological footprint. All new buildings and upgrades will meet sustainable standards where applicable. And, we were one of the first to adopt the Clean Air Policy of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Click on Sustainability Initiatives to learn more.