Access Permits

At Addison Airport, your safety is our number one priority. To enhance the safety of the airport we offer a course for anyone that needs to access the airport.

Unescorted access in the common areas of the airport is granted to those who posses an Addison Airport Access Permit. Unescorted access (as a pedestrian or in a vehicle) to the common areas of the airport is provided through the access permit and is limited to those with a need to access the common areas. The access permit is required for the use of any public use gate. The map provided below designates the common area and the public use gates.

If you have a need to access the yellow shaded area, you need to take the Non-Movement class. If you need to access the red shaded area, you need the Movement Class. This access does not apply to the use of an aircraft.

Airport Area Access Training Program:

  • The Airport Area Access Training Program is designed to offer a brief but full awareness of the requirements for accessing any common area of the airport safely. Our goal is to enhance awareness of safety at the airport. The Non-Movement Class is one hour and the Movement Class is approximately a two-hour course.
  • All classes are held at 16501 Addison Rd., Suite 220. You must make a request prior to arrival to reserve a place to take the course.
  • Call 972.392.4861 or e-mail Joe McAnally to schedule a class.


Download PDF of Addison Airport Access Permit Application



Tenants who have previously taken the airfield driving classes can renew their permit online. Please contact Joe McAnally at 972.392.4861 to get log-in information.

If you already have log-in information, renew your access permit online:



What is the Access Training Class?

The access area training class is a requirement to make you familiar with the requirements for accessing the common areas of the airport or any public gate. The purpose is to develop a continued safe operating environment at Addison Airport through training, instruction and awareness of the correct and safe way to access the common area. The class covers the required practices and requirements for a pedestrian or vehicle operator to access the common area.  

What is the common area?

The common area of the airport is the area used and for the benefit of the general aviation public, including the runway, all taxiways/taxilanes and any ramps that are the direct control of the airport. The map above will detail the areas that require an access permit. The yellow area requires a Non-Movement Access Permit and the red shaded area requires a Movement Access Permit.  

Who is required to take the course?

Any person who uses a public gate or accesses the common area to access their hangar or business is required to take this course to receive an access permit. Airport users that have private access to their facility will not be allowed to take this course but we realize there maybe special circumstances in which a tenant with private access might need to possess an access permit. Please feel free to contact the airport at 972.392.4850 to discuss those specific needs.  

A lof times I use a public gate to access my hangar or business even though I have a private gate that I could use. It's just easier to use the public gate, is this acceptable?

In the past that was a common practice, however the FAA has asked the Addison Airport to reduce the amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic within the common areas, and has encouraged us to not provide an access permit to anyone for the sole reason of convenience. If you have a hangar or facility which has private access then you have no need for an access permit and the airport will not be able to issue you an access permit.  

I fly with my friend sometimes and he has a hangar at the airport. Can I sign up for a training class?

No, the training classes are only for those airport tenants or those with a direct relationship with the airport. The purpose is to reduce the traffic on the airport and that would be contrary to reducing traffic.  

I've been at this airport a long time, where did this requirement come from? Why do I have to take this class?

Unfortunately, Addison Airport has experienced significant safety hazards that have resulted from unsafe practices. These practices have put the airport users and the public at risk. This training class will address the unsafe practices and explain the correct practices.  

What happens if I don't have an access permit and I walk or drive in the common area?

Being in the common areas without an access permit is prohibited unless you are being escorted by someone with an access permit. If you are in the common areas without an escort or an access permit you could be issued a citation by Addison Police.  

Who has to be escorted?

Anyone who is not in possession of a current, unexpired access permit is required to be escorted. The use of any public gate also requires an access permit. A person found without an access permit while within the common area or who using a public gate and who is not escorted by someone with an access permit is subject to a citation issued by the Addison Police Department.  

I do not have an access permit, but I was escorted into the airport. Do I have to be escorted out of the airport?

Yes, escorting is required no matter what when someone is in the common area. The ordinance requires that you have an access permit if you access the common areas or a public gate at anytime. That would apply to ingress or egress access.  

What is "piggy backing?"

“Piggy backing” is a term used to describe a situation where an authorized person accesses the airport through a gate and a second person attempts to or does access through the same open gate without waiting for the gate to close and without the intent of the first vehicle escorting the second. No person should attempt to follow someone through any gate that is not being escorted by a person in front of them. “Piggy backing” does not refer to a person following an authorized person through a gate that is providing an escort for that person. “Piggy backing” is sometimes referred to as “tailgating”.  

What should I do if someone "piggy backs" in behind me or I see something out of the ordinary in the airport?

Call 911. Because an unauthorized person entering the airport has the potential to be so dangerous, the situation is considered serious and it’s applicable to call 911. An alternative number for suspicious activity on any airport is 1-866-GA-Secure.  

Where can I find out more information on what the Town of Addison Ordinance requires?

The full Town of Addison Code of Ordinances can be found here. All ordinances referencing requirements for the airport are under Part II, Chapter 14 of the ordinance and can be viewed here.

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Non-Movement Class Dates*:

April 13

April 27

May 11

June 1

June 8

June 22

*All non-movement classes are on a Monday at 9am and take one hour to complete.

Movement Class Dates*:

April 14

May 12

June 9

*All movement classes are on a Tuesday at 9am and take approximately two hours to complete.