Through-the-Fence Policy

The Town of Addison recognizes off-airport access to Addison Airport for aeronautical purposes from fee-simple properties adjacent to the airport (also frequently referred to as "through-the-fence" operations).

Unauthorized access to the Airport from adjacent properties is expressly prohibited. However, individuals or corporations located off-airport who are interested in gaining access to Addison Airport from their private property may apply for an Addison Airport Aeronautical Access Permit issued by the Town of Addison by submitting the appropriate application. Prior to submitting such application, it is highly recommended that each applicant read and become familiar with the provisions of Town of Addison, Texas Ordinance No. 001-043, which sets forth regulations affecting off-airport access (or through-the-fence) operations. Applicants should also review in advance the terms and conditions of the Addison Airport Access Permit Agreement.

Upon receipt and acceptance of an application, the Airport Manager will deliver to the applicant a completed Access Permit Agreement for their execution and payment of the required fees. The Airport Director will then submit the executed agreement, together with the required fees paid in advance, to the Town of Addison for its consideration and final acceptance. Typically, this Aeronautical Access Permit application process takes 15 to 20 business days before a permit is granted.

For more information or to obtain an Application for an Access Permit, contact our Real Estate Manager by phone at 972.392.4856 or by e-mail.

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