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Leasing information at Addison Airport

T-hangars & Patio (Shade) Hangars

Addison Airport has 141 40' wide by 30' deep and 24 60' wide by 40' deep T-hangars available for the storage of small single and twin-engine aircraft. To provide our tenants with more flexibility, we currently offer a month-to-month lease option at the same rental rate as a one-year lease. With the month-to-month lease, either party may terminate the lease with a 30-day advance written notice. With a one-year lease, both parties are obligated to the lease for the entire one-year period, provided the tenant is in good standing.

Among other items, our leases require a security deposit equivalent to one month's rent and proof of aircraft liability insurance in the amount of $1M per occurrence.

See our Approved Rates and Charges for current rates.

For more information on rental rates, hangar availability and locations, or to be added to our prospect list, contact our Leasing Manager by phone at 972.392.4858 or by e-mail.

Conventional Hangars

The airport also has several mid-sized conventional/maintenance hangars available for rent that range from $4.00 to $6.25 per square foot depending on size, location, proximity to the flightline, landside access and other amenities. Our typical conventional hangar is approximately 7,000 square feet with the largest being nearly 25,000 square feet. The primary term for most of our conventional hangar leases is two years but longer terms may be considered under certain circumstances.

For more information, contact our Real Estate Manager by phone at 972.392.4856 or by e-mail.

*Please note that we do not offer hangars for vehicular storage, tractor/trailer storage, RV storage or any non-aviation related use.

Ground Leases

Addison Airport currently has 44 ground-leased properties consisting of more than 3.1 million square feet of land and over 1 million square feet of hangar, office and related facilities. Ground lease rates and terms will vary depending on a wide variety of factors including the property size, configuration, landside access, proximity to the flightline, permitted uses, availability of utilities and other infrastructure. Unimproved rates range $0.48 per square foot to $.65 per square foot along the flightline.

For more information on ground leases, development, redevelopment and other business opportunities at Addison Airport, contact our Real Estate Manager by phone at 972.392.4856 or by e-mail.


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