Stone Cottage

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The Stone Cottage is one of Addison's historic structures. It was the original town meeting facility where citizens gathered to discuss politics or celebrate special occasions. The Stone Cottage has just completed a renovation that retained its historic essence while updating it to accommodate today's meeting and event needs. This facility provides a unique setting for special events of up to 55 people.  The 900 square foot cottage includes a small prep kitchen.

Floor Plan


The Stone Cottage, part of the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre, has seen the Town of Addison grow up around it. The structure was first built in 1939 as part of the WPA program. The building was originally constructed as the meeting facility for the local Home Demonstration Club. A local farmer, R.B. George, oversaw the construction while the building supplies were donated by a local lumber company. Sears Roebuck helped the project by providing kitchen equipment for the members to use.

The Home Demonstration Club was a federal government program administered on the county level to help rural farm families develop skills in home management. They taught, mainly women, such skills as mattress making, sewing, picture framing, cooking and canning. The Addison club had a membership ranging from 14 people to a high in the early 1940’s of 25 members. The club remained active in Addison from 1936-to the early 1950’s.

Since the inception of the Stone Cottage the building and the grassy area around it has served as a community meeting place. Events such as lunches, picnics, anniversaries, community meetings and weddings have taken place in or on the grounds surrounding the cottage.

Addison Centre Theatre began performing in the facility and soon a small box office was added to the structure by the Addison Parks Department. ACT continued to occupy the facility until the Conference and Theatre Centre was constructed in 1992.

The Stone Cottage continued to serve the thespian community by giving a number of small theatres in and around Dallas their start. It has remained a favorite venue for small theatre companies starting out as well as established companies wanting to produce something avant-garde.

When the roof leaked and warped the wood floor inside the cottage, use of the facilities came to an end. Since the Stone Cottage is one of the few historical buildings celebrating Addison’s past, there was a move to restore the facility so it could again be used as a meeting place and small theatre.

The City Council appropriated the funding to renovate the facility and bring it technically up to today’s standards. Extensive work has been done to make it an attractive, useable venue while taking great care in maintaining its original historical feel. The box office was removed, windows replaced, beams were restored and a new roof added. Replacing the box office is a large porch highlighting the most significant architectural feature of the building-the fireplace chimney.

The Stone Cottage again serves the community as a focal point for a wide variety of events.